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Meet Kim Roderick


Kim Roderick is a Money Relationship Coach for faith-filled entrepreneurs, and professionals, an International Speaker, Business Strategist, and Founder of Unbound University LLC. Kim teaches women and men of faith how to heal their relationship with money to experience freedom on a new level in life and business.

Kim is not your typical money coach. Her teachings help you heal your relationship with money and rid the residue of money fear from your life and business. Her signature program and teachings show you how to activate a relationship with your money and eliminate limiting beliefs around money for good.  She uses her super soul power to be the conduit to this experience using her signature talk and series called Unbound Your Money Story™.


Kim is a highly sought after speaker and business consultant teaching entrepreneurs new in business how to package and position their gifts for profit.

This is the story of a Sleeping Beauty. The Image in the Mirror is a piece of my story of finding myself again after a season of being a sleeping beauty in the mirror of my life one day. This is a young woman who didn't know the power she carried because she was so busy being everything to everyone but herself. Oh, the number of bags she carried gracefully. She was a sleeping beauty. One day she opened her eyes and her world inside her opened up. A river began to flow and her life changed. 


"When sleeping women awake, mountains move". - Ancient Chinese Proverb 


This is a journey of how Faith helped me succeed in one of the darkest moments of my life. When I think of Ascend, Elevation comes to mind. Before you can elevate, you have to know what the floor of despair looks like. In Ascend, this is a layer of my story of loss and redemption via the scenic route. No things didn't turn around instantly. I took a journey that was the first of many valley experiences where God had to teach me some things differently.

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